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Basalt is a volcanic rock mass. It is black and extra hard.

Uses of Basalt


Thanks to its homogeneous structure, basalt enables smooth lines. It is hard and is not hydrophilic. Basalt is resistant to high pressure, climatic conditions, weight and abrasion.

The fact that basalt consists of hexagonal prisms and large pillars creates breaking points. It has a suitable surface for elaborare.

Basalt is divided into different types: stone chips, slab, gutter, curb, cube, splitted, cobble and dolomite.

Stone chips:

These can be divided into natural and broken stone chips. They are used extensively in lightweight concrete production, road embankments and pavements and construction plaster.

  • Concrete manufacturing
  • Cobble stone manufacturing
  • Asphalt
  • Drainage works
  • Embankments
  • Temporary roads
  • Environmental planning and landscaping


Found naturally as plates and extracted as blocks, it does not absorb water and does not break into pieces. It is a dark grey colour and when cut, it presents a smooth surface. It can be divided into different types such as bush hammer, raw and polished.

  • Car parks
  • Sewage infrastructure and telephone, water and electrical systems
  • Footpaths
  • Indoors and outdoors


It has a hexagonal prism and large columns. It can be cut into dimension stone and broken stone.

  • Curb stone
  • Reinforcement of plate stone
  • Dimension stone: in roadsides and road division
  • Broken stone: in gardens and landscaping, and footpaths and walkways


It can be cut into different sizes and is one of the most popular types.

  • In garden and landscaping
  • In flooring and pavements


Thanks to its waterproof characteristics, it is used especially in regions with high rainfall.

  • Water networks
  • For aesthetic purposes on roadsides


Since it does not require dyeing, it is commonly used for decorative purposes.

  • On walls in houses, restaurants and various spaces


  • Concrete cobble manufacturing


  • Highways and railways
  • Landscaping
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