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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy regulates the use and protection of personal information in and by Dönmezoğlu Group (referred to as Dönmezoğlu Group in the privacy policy).

Personal information of the users refers to any kind of personal information identifying the user, whether directly or indirectly, such as the name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address and TR identification number, all of which are referred to as “personal information’’ in this privacy policy.

The personal information of the users of Dönmezoğlu Group will not be used in any way other than in accordance with the principles and scope determined by this privacy policy, and will only be shared with third parties with the expressed consent of the user.

Dönmezoğlu Group takes all necessary measures to ensure the security and privacy of personal information and transaction information provided by Dönmezoğlu Group users. Dönmezoğlu Group may use other programs for this purpose. Dönmezoğlu Group, however, accepts no responsibility for personal information being damaged or getting into the hands of third parties as a result of attacks against the website and/or system, despite the necessary information security measures taken by Dönmezoğlu Group.

It is not possible for a user to access and change the information of another user. Aside from Dönmezoğlu Group, a user's personal information can only be accessed by that user, and can only be updated by that user. The personal information of a user will also be updated by Dönmezoğlu Group upon the request of the user.

Dönmezoğlu Group may use personal information for measurement studies, advertising, promotional and marketing activities, and for other communication activities, and may share it with Group Companies and business partners. Dönmezoğlu Group may also record and use personal information to improve site activities, as well as the quality of service provided by Dönmezoğlu Group.

Personal information may be shared with judicial and administrative institutions in accordance with the Privacy Policy upon request or notification from any administrative or judicial institution.

User's personal information may be shared with other users involved in the process in order to accelerate the process, and ensure communication between users, if deemed necessary for the performed transactions.

Dönmezoğlu Group may obtain statistical information regarding the users of its website via technical contact files. Users may change their browser settings to block this file.

Any user visiting the Dönmezoğlu Group website shall be deemed to have accepted the Dönmezoğlu Group privacy policy.